Takeaways from the Organic and Non-GMO Forum
Takeaways from the Organic and Non-GMO Forum 2018
November 20, 2018
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Top Salesman Takes New Role with AgMaxx

John Staff

AgMaxx Press Release ContactFor Immediate Release

Garden City, Mo. (October 27, 2018) – AgriNext and AgMaxx announce the transition of John Ortiz to National Sales Manager of AgMaxx for the lower 48 states. He will oversee all sales personnel that use BigYield products and play a major role in licensing companies.

Ortiz is a sales and business professional bringing more than a decade of farming and agriculture research experience. John’s objective is to train businesses to deliver high-quality, consistent information and maintain a professional, customer-focused orientation in all sales and business development activities.

Ortiz owns AgTeam Professionals and an agricultural research farm and acts as general manager of BigYield.us. John plays an active role participating in grower panels, and in his local community, he works to educate farmers and discuss the latest advancements in agricultural technologies. John is most enthusiastic about maximizing the bottom line. He does this by helping farmers to reduce costs, become more efficient and get big yields at harvest.

“I think John is the man that will take us to the next level of servicing the agriculture and consumer relationship with our exciting products,” said AgMaxx CEO, Bill Cook. “John has shown over the years how his communication and sales skills led him to be one of the top leaders in management and sales.”

Ortiz will still be working close with AgriNext to continue to grow their business and support his current customer base.

About BigYield (bigyield.us)

The BigYield.us philosophy began more than 30 years ago through a young leadership program ⎯ Agricultural Leaders of Tomorrow (A-LOT) – sponsored by the W.K Kellogg Foundation. From the A-LOT experience, the AgTeamPro company got its start as we sought to help producers save money, make money and save time. The BigYield.us brand continues to emphasize work that is all about the farmer. When U.S. farmers do well, the whole country does well. You drive the dollars as deep in your local economy as you can, and those dollars turn over five times to nine times before leaving your rural community. This creates all kinds of jobs and opportunities for a whole industry of agriculture-related services. There is no better place to put your dollars than with farmers. That is one of the best rural development programs that you could create.