Why is Working in Agriculture Important | Bill Cook

Why is Working in Agriculture Important | Bill Cook

AgMaxx CEO Bill Cook Discusses why working in agriculture is important to him.

Video Transcript

Agriculture – to me – is an occupation that I chose 50 years ago. I came out of an inner-city part of the world. I fell in love with agriculture. I fell in love with agriculture people. I fell in love with the lifestyle and the quality of people it produces. For me it’s all about leaving that for my children, my grandchildren, and their grandchildren.

The agriculture world is – there are just so many blessings that you get from being in agriculture. The lifestyle is something that has to be considered when you are going into this business because it does have periods of time when it is really hard. But I love agriculture and I love ag people.

For the most part ag people are hard-working and very honest. They are people who get into a community and support local fire districts and school boards. They are very giving people. The Lord has blessed them with a lot land and opportunities and it seems like they are very much a community that is based around a strong agriculture.

I see it as a plus in every way and I just enjoy being a part of it.